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    John Wesley UMC

    5830 Bermuda Dunes Drive
    Houston, TX 77069

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    • Sundays | 8:15 am | Wesley Worship

    • Sundays | 11:15 am | Celebration Worship

    • Sundays | 9:00 am | Mosaic Worship

    • Wednesdays | 12:05pm | Lectio Divina Worship

Welcome to the first issue of JW PEOPLE.  JW PEOPLE is all about you and the people in our community of faith. It’s about the transformation and change that people are experiencing as a result of doing-life-connected at John Wesley. 

Rita Cox

When did you join JW?  I joined in early December 2015 after relocating from Mesa, Arizona.

How did you find JW? I went online.  Visited one and nobody greeted me or took time to even talk to me, I found my way to JW hoping for a different experience. If church members could just understand how important it is to meet and greet visitors on Sunday mornings!

How has God used the JW experience to transform you? I had no doubt about where God wanted me.  I was unsure that the move to Houston was what I should have done, but after connecting with JW, I know I made the right decision.  People are just so friendly here, it’s amazing.  And, the music and choir are such important parts of my church experience.

Where have you connected at JW? I have connected with numerous new friends, participate in Sunday school and look forward to Pastor Marty’s sermons. Where else can you go and hear about being spiritually alive or dead and also be entertained with stories about Zombies and Vampires?

What is your personal vision for all members at JW?  That we all experience a feeling of absolute and total acceptance from one another and from Jesus……you can’t see my soul with your eyes, but you know that I have one and I know you have one too.


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