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Two years ago, as John Wesley commissioned the first team of six to go to Kenya, we had no idea how the Lord would develop the love and the partnership between the churches. In only two years, the Kenya churches have helped John Wesley with hurricane relief and prayers, and John Wesley has helped Trinity school and churches with student scholarships, assistance with a sewing center, the clinic, a women’s empowerment center, and the continuing quest for clean water.

Perhaps most valuable of all has been the warm relationships that have developed between people who may never see each other physically, but whose hearts are turned toward one another. Rev. Joe has come to John Wesley to visit us in the past two years and we look forward to another visit this fall.

 The team will be spending a lot of time this summer with the students at Trinity Boy’s School and Trinity Girl’s School. Not only will we be spending time in the classroom and in mentoring and tutoring situations, but we will teach the game of softball to the girls as we did for the boys last year. We are looking forward to seeing the new textbooks they are using after John Wesley members assisted in replacing the tattered, out of date books which the team of 18 found them using last year. Additionally, we will offer a children’s experience in the KCC slum area and spend time with people there who live in poverty most of us cannot even imagine. Rev. Cheryl will have three days of teaching with the pastors, most of whom have never had any theological training. We will worship with multiple churches, including the newest new-church start that did not even exist when we were there last summer. We will eat food lovingly prepared for us by the “Church Mothers.” We will share smiles and hugs and ultimately our hearts.

 It has been our vision from the beginning to become a “Mother Church” for the growth of the Gilgil mission. That vision is developing before us as we welcome Jim McNinch from Livingston UMC to our team. We look forward to the future of working in tandem with Livingston on a common goal. Additionally, we are leveraging our great relationship with Habitat for Humanity in Houston in order to connect with Habitat for Humanity International. Makenzie Rogers from Habitat in Houston will be meeting with the Habitat people in Nairobi. Who knows what God may develop out of that connection?

 Please pray for our team: Kevin Woodward, Jim McNinch, Patti Hutchins, Makenzie Rogers, Janet Jackson, and Rev. Cheryl Smith. They are a long way from home and need you to secure them with prayers. They depart on Wednesday, July 10, and will return the afternoon of Sunday, July 21. When they get home, give them a couple of days to rest up and then get prepared for all the stories they will want to tell about our Kenyan brothers and sisters.

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