A Statement About Current Affairs

Written by Your John Wesley UMC Pastors on June 04, 2020 | Found in: A Note from the Pastor


No one can remember a week like the last one because we have never experienced anything quite like the events of the past week: Killing under cover of law, crowd reaction, black voices
raised in anger and pain again, looting, rioting, and large-scale demonstrations in our country and around the world.

As your pastors, we have taken note of all the events—positive and negative. We have prayed, as we always do, for you, for our community, for our country and for our world. We have
grieved every incident we have witnessed that is counter to the Reign of God upon the earth. We have reached out to neighbors, friends and members of John Wesley who we have felt
were particularly vulnerable to racism. We continue to grieve and feel anger about both injustice and the violation of moral and civil laws which should guide our actions. We are in this
with you, and we are available to you.

Those of us who have not known discrimination due to our color or nationality need to refrain from offering solutions and be in a listening place. Those who have known oppression need to
share your experiences with us and allow us to be a family together. Our highest commitment is to Jesus Christ and the Reign of God He came to announce. May we move into it together and with His blessing.

Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar
Rev. Todd Cooper
Rev. Cheryl Smith