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JW Youth took 17 students and 5 adults to the Student Life Camp in Orange Beach, Alabama (June 21-25).  I had the great privilege of going on the trip. This was a huge highlight for my year.  That first night every one of our students stood up to respond to the question, "Do you want to go all in for Jesus?"  By standing the students were openingly connecting to Jesus through a profession of faith or a recommittment to faith. This trip was a fulfillment of JWUMC's mission statement, "Connecting People to Jesus".  Our time at the camp was spent in morning worship, afternoon Bible study, free time, and nightly worship.  The adults and students spent their time thinking about the full and grace-filled "access" we have to God.  

One of my favorite highlights from the trip was watching the Middle and High School students interact as friends.  There was a student who had never been to the ocean.  He didn't know how to swim, but enjoyed the sand and surf anyway.  One evening, a high school student offered to give this middle school student a swim lesson in the condo pool.  What a simple and beautiful act of love! 

Our quiet time and Bible studies were a blessing for sure.  Students discussed God's forgiveness, grace and call to share the gospel with friends and family.  This was not just a fun trip, but a spiritual highlight for all the students and adults.  

I want to say thank you to all those who helped raise money for the students at the Car-Wash-A-thon.  It was money well spent.  

In Christ,


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