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Soul of Music: Dreams

Soul of Music: Dreams

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Soul of Music: DreamsJanuary 6, 2019

Music is the scripture of the culture. It is a universal language that speaks to our hearts, minds and souls. Music has a soul you might say! The songs we hear have truth in them. All truth comes from God, so why not look deep into the music we love to find out what God is saying to us in a song. The Soul of Music 2019 is titled Dreams. The music selections come from Broadway musicals that we know and love. Let us dream together, keep our eyes wide open find God’s dream for us.

In This Series

1 Climb Every Mountain January 6  |  Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar

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2 Tomorrow January 13  |  Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar

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3 A Million DreamsJanuary 27  |  Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar

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